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    Listen and Read:

    I just got home from school. I dropped my school bag at the couch and hopped on my bed. I was about to close my eyes when I remember my baby. I suddenly get up and go through my study table. I opened my laptop and check my email. He was online and he has a message just a few seconds ago.

    'Awww.. You are not yet online. I 'll be waiting, babe. I know you're still on your way going home. Take care, I love and miss you so much'

    Then the chatbox popped out!

    Niall: Babe! I miss you so bad! :’(

    Me: I miss you too so bad, baby! When will you come home?

    Niall: We still have a few more shows here. After that, We’ll fly home immediately.

    Me: That’s good. I’ll wait for you.

    Niall: Good. I’ll give you a massive horan hug when we get back there :)

    Me: Awww… I wanted to have a video chat with you but my cam is still broken! Dang!

    Niall: Haha! Its okay, don’t worry I can still picture you out there sitting in front of your laptop. :*

    Me: Aww.. Hey gotta go. I still have to finish my thesis. Muah muah! I love you! I miss you! :*

    Niall: Gaaaaaah! I still want to talk to you but then, its okay :) Take care, bye! I love and miss you too :*


    I tried to finish my thesis but I keep being distracted by Niall on my mind. I really miss him so bad. His sweet caress.. His blue eyes.. His soft lips urging on kissing mine.. His voice singing love songs to me while playing guitar.. His nicest hug that I never felt before on others.. His laugh.. And his presence. I am dying to see him again. And he promised me something. That he will announce to the whole world that I am his girlfriend. I am scared what if their band’s fans will hate me but I don’t care. I didn’t do anything wrong and I love Niall with all my heart even before they weren’t that big and famous too much.

    I shake my head and get back to work with my thesis. After a few hours, I raise my hand in joy. I already finished my thesis. After that, I fell asleep.

    "Wake up! Wake up honey!"

    "Niall..", I murmured slowly.

    "Wake up! Its your mom! You have a letter from Niall! C’mon get up.. You still have to go to school", My mom blurted.

    I got up feeling very exhausted. I only had three hours of sleeping. I take the letter from Niall and read it.

    Dear [y/n],

    I have a good news for you babe! I’ll be back home after four days! I know I didn’t just emailed to you I was just so excited to tell you this. I thought we’re going back next next week but it became earlier. I’m going to see you soon! I’m so excited! I miss you so bad and I love you so much! Take care! :*


    Niall Horan

    P.S. Prepare some nandos when I came back :)

    I jumped because of joy! I’ve been very busy the next four days and I know Niall too doing few more shows and interviews. On the fourth day, I check my email if Niall send me some message and he really did.

    Niall: Oh my god! I thought you’re not going to be online! Did you receive my letter, babe? :)

    Me: Haha! Yes I’ve received it and you are crazy! :D

    Niall: Crazy for you! :* I am hungry for your lips and presence already! I haven’t seen you for years!

    Me: Same here. What time is your flight, then?

    Niall: Later a few more hours. Me is excited! :D

    Me: Hahaha! You’re not the only one :)

    Niall: Haha! We’re just happy to come home :) Anyway, I’m going to pack my things now. Bye, see ya soon! I love youuuuu to the fullest :*

    Me: I love youuuuu too! Haha! Muah :*


    The day came and I go through the airport and wait for him. The lads have different flights as it was included on the updates about them. I camp there with the other fans. It gave me a weird feeling what if they already know that I’m Niall’s girlfriend and I’m here camping with them. While I’m daydreaming, I fell asleep.

    I woke up with the loud noise of other fans around me. They are crying. I am very confused why and I really felt nervous. I tapped one fan to asked what was happening. “The plane where Niall is.. It crashed! Its just a couple minutes ago. The other lads are s-safe because they have all the di-different flights.. But Niall.. The plane.. It crashed”, she explained while she is shaking and crying.

    I fell on the floor. And my eyes started to get hurt and the tears flow very heavy. I can’t believe what just I’ve heard. The plane crashed where Niall is. “Niall.. Wh-why did..”, I mumbled. I was crying the whole time and shaking. I promised to wait for him.. I’ll stay there.

    I didn’t notice that the lads are behind me until Harry approached me. I cried even harder. “C’mon.. We need to do something for Niall”, Harry said while he had his eyes very teary. The lads looked to all of the fans. “We would like to do something for Niall.. We all know what just happened.”, Liam started with his shaky voice. “This girl we’re with.. She’s Niall’s Girlfriend. Niall been planning this to announce it to you but he didn’t make it.. We are very sorry”, Liam declared. The lads hug me. As well as the other fans. It was very a painful day for all of us. But for me, its not. It was the most painful day for me. Knowing that Niall.. Knowing that I can’t be with him anymore.

    ..The End =(

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    Listen and Read:

    I was talking over the phone with my bestfriend, Niall in my room the whole day. “Niall! Stop teasing me okay? You’re beginning to annoy me”, I shouted at him. He laughed hard. 

    "What’s so funny?", I said frantically. And then the door of my room opened and I saw it was a gorgeous blue eyed blond boy with his backpack. I almost jump in surprise. "Niall! Are you going to kill me?", I shouted at him. "Yeah in my cuteness", he joked then run his fingers through his blond hair. I blushed. Yeah I know he’s cute. "Where have you been?", I choked instead. "From school. My group and I rehearsed.", he said then crooked a smile. I nod. "I’m going to get a food. Wait up", I said. "Great! That’s what I like about you", he whooped. I groaned, "Shut up"

    I went downstairs then made sandwiches and juice for a couple of minutes. When I came back to my room, I saw him laying on my bed reading a book while listening to his favorite song. I put down the food and juice at the table and walk towards him silently to see the title of that book. ”Ahah! You’re reading about how to be a good boyfriend?”, I shouted. In his surprised, he put the book behind his back. “No I’m not! You just saw it wrong!”, he insisted. I laughed sarcastically. “Its awkwaaaaaard!”, I shouted. He must be very annoyed so he get up and tickle me. I am screaming and we’re laughing very hard. We fell into the bed and he’s on top of me. He stop tickling me and we stared at each other. Oh his blue eyes are very beautiful. Then he knuckled the strands of my hair behind my ear. Surprisingly, I pulled him away and he fell to the floor. “Aw! My butt!”, he screamed. “I’m sorry, Niall!”, I said and help him get up. “Hey! I brought sandwiches and juice. Lets eat”, I said while my hands are shaking grabbing a sandwich. He smiled and grab a sandwich too. We are eating quietly so I broke the silence. “Why are you reading that kind of book? What for?”, I asked. “I.. Uh.. I’m going to court someone”, he replied. It pinch my heart. That girl must be very lucky. He never had a girlfriend before.

    Really? That girl will get irritated on you”, I said. instead ‘coz I’m really annoyed. He look at me, ‘What did you say?” “I said that girl will ge irritated on you ‘coz you’re irritating”, I said. He look down on his feet. I feel pity on him. I’m idiot to say that. “Hey I was just joking. Don’t take that seriously”, I said gently. He smiled. “So what do you really think she feels when I court that girl?”, he asked. “I honestly think.. She’ll be the luckiest girl in the world”, I said. He chuckled. ”Who is that girl, by the way?”, I asked confusely. “You’ll meet her soon” It really pinch my heart. Knowing that I’ll meet that girl he’s talking about soon and realize that she is more beautiful and attractive than me. He squizzed my hand and I slightly move back. He grinned at me. “I’m sure you’ll like her”, he said. I rolled my eyes and then his phone rang. “Hey, Liam. Wazzup?” I stared at him wishing I could understand what Liam is saying to him ‘coz Niall is smiling. “Okay great, then. So its final, Thanks bro and don’t forget the nandos”, he said then put down his phone. He turned to look at me. “So Liam said the date will be tomorrow evening. You’ll come with me and don’t worry the lads will be there too. Wear your favorite dress”, he said. I raised my left eyebrow. “Why should I wear my favorite dress? I only wear that when I’m going on a date and I’m not the one you’re going to date”, I insisted. “Just wear it tomorrow and go to the hotel where we used to hang out before”, he gently replied. I nod and then he farted. 

    "Dammit, Niall!", I shouted at him. He rolled on the bed laughing.

    Then the night came where I’ll meet the lucky girl of Niall’s talking about. I wear my favorite dress as Niall insisted to me to wear it. I go through the Garden of the hotel because it is where we used to hang out. I saw Harry, Zayn, Liam and Louis there but no sign of Niall. They all wear their formal tuxedos. “Hey we’re glad you came”, Harry said. I smiled. “Where’s Niall?”

    "He just go to the Comfort Room", Zayn said.

    And then Niall came. He was sparkling at this night because he was so handsome wearing his tuxedo. As soon as he saw me, he ran instead through our place. “Hey! I thought you’re not coming. You’re late”, he said.”Am I the only one who’s late? Where’s your date?”, I joked. The five lads stared at each other then laughed. “Wait! I don’t understand your reaction to my question” 

    "Lets wait until you found out", Niall said.

    We waited for two hours and the girl is not yet here. My patience gone. “Ugh. Where’s your date now? I told you she is irritated on you that’s why she’s not coming here tonight!”, I shouted at Niall. ‘Well, I don’t see it that way”

    "Then how do you see it?"

    "She’s just never figure it out that my date was her and she’s here", Niall said.

    My jaw dropped. “So.. it was.. Me?”, I asked and my voice is shaking.

    He get his guitar and said, “Yes, babe”

    My knees start to shake. I gasped. “Well, I never thought that one. Oh, I’m so stupid”

    He chuckled and walks toward me. He cupped my face with his hand. “I was about to kiss you that day when I’m on top of you on the bed. But too bad, I just hurted my butt”, he joked. I was speechless at the moment. He leaned to kiss me and it crushed against mine. His lips was so soft and his breathe was hot. The other lads are watching but I know they don’t mind it. He pulled away and licked his lips. “I thought you were dead. You’re not answering to what I’ve said. I love you, [y/n]” 

    I smiled and said, “I love you too, Baby leprechaun. I love you even before this night”, I answered. “Baby leprechaun? I think that’s cute.”, he said. He dropped his hand then started to strum the guitar. 

    "Well, I should sing a song for you and I’d like the lads to sing with me. Right, bros?"The lads agreed. Then Niall strum the guitar again and start to sing a beautiful song for me. It was the best night ever of my existence.

    ..The End =)

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